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Antreem wins GED – “People at the Centre” award for employee support and gender equality

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The year just ended presented us with unpredictable challenges, which we are still facing. Social distancing has imposed a new lifestyle, new balances and habits that have also affected our working dimension.
The search for new solutions and answers has also led us to the awareness of how important it is for companies to enhance their human capital in order to guarantee their employees quality and professional well-being.

At Antreem the person has always been at the centre. Our mission – to deliver quality digital solutions by putting the individual at the centre – is reflected throughout our business ecosystem, in what we do, design and implement every day. This approach would, however, be inconsistent if it did not originate from the team itself. That is why, even in a year like last year, we have continued to invest in people and to seek corporate welfare.

The “People at the Centre” project

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The project “People at the centre”, winner of the GED – Gender Equality and Diversity Award of the Emilia-Romagna Region within the framework of the Responsible Innovators 2020 Award, was born from attention to the individual. An award that testifies to our intention to place individuals and their well-being at the centre of every production, design and life process. 


Through listening and continuous dialogue with the team, numerous actions have taken shape in order to pursue the objectives we hold most dear: applying innovation in every area of our lives, working on the continuous growth of welfare, spreading the digital culture throughout the territory, encouraging the entry of women and young people into the IT sector. To achieve this, we have decided to adopt several tools, including:

  • Flexibility, in the true sense of the term: time, presence at headquarters, holidays and personalised leave, to facilitate the work-life balance. 
  • Paid training, including expenses, also abroad, with events chosen and proposed by the employees.
  • Shared spaces, non-work events, to meet the demand for conviviality and socialisation.
  • In-house courses, including the English course, were the result of a need identified by the participants themselves.
  • Company physiotherapist, for a moment of relaxation and to prevent ailments typical of sedentary work.
  • Welfare package to support various expenses (health, education, cultural, etc.)
  • Monitoring of occupational well-being through regular individual interviews
  • Accompaniment of new entrants to the company, through a collective moment of presentation to the team, a tutor at the disposal of the new recruit and, as a gift, a personalised welcome kit needed to get started and feel welcome.

Promoting digital culture in the territory and supporting gender equality

The project also does not forget the importance of Diversity & Inclusion policies to promote diversity and inclusion at all levels of the company. Practising gender equality in careers is crucial for us, both to enhance the potential of all staff but above all to promote greater social justice and fight against all discrimination. 

Aware of the gender gap in the IT sector, we are actively contributing to a change of direction by welcoming several female students to the company and teaching a digital culture in local schools.

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The results, for Antreem and the community, are interlinked. We are convinced that the wellbeing of the employee has wider repercussions than one might imagine. From the individual to the family and the community.
A calm professional is more productive, empowered and satisfied with his or her life.

They talk about our project “People at the Centre”:

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