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ServDes2018, adequacy: Sevice Design and Data

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Service Design is a breakthrough for responding to the growing need to collect and show data and information, giving them meaning and value that arises from people’s decision-making needs in their companies. We spoke about this at ServDes.2018, a conference organized by The Polytechnic University of Milan which represents a meeting point for international Service Design communities. Antreem participated by giving a speech in which CEO Fabio Poli spoke about ideas of how to evaluate services.

The professional example presented at the conference is a reflection on a project rolled out for Credito Valtellinese, alongside Imola Informatica and especially with Alessandro
Zorzi, the project manager and expert in servitization. This project grew from the demand for the evaluation of the adequacy of banking services and to show them on a series of
interfaces for users with different decision-making needs.

This reflection derives from the observation that the current situation regarding the development of data collection is changing profoundly, especially with reference to the
staggering growth of financial data from one aspect (blockchain, etc) and from implementations of Internet-of Things (IoT). In fact, it takes a lot of rationalizing to go from
a system that gives value to data because it’s available (data offers) to systems and interfaces that are able to produce data catered to specific needs (requests for data) by
putting them in a useful form to help support decisions.

If it is true that we live in an economy of technology, where the value of material goods is passed onto the configurations of systems – upon which depends the competitive
advantages, as the administration of company processes – therefore giving value to the data and transforming it into information and knowledge means putting yourself into the
perspective of building the data supply with the logics of a service. A service built inside the organization, on the basis of the needs and the meta-needs of whoever can benefitfrom it, but with the logic that we use to build services for clients is one which is always available, goal-orientated, easy and with information that is required and able to automate decisions made (industrial approach 4.0). From here the importance of Service Design as a project modal it’s ability to make sense of, from needs, to projects that function on information with the objective of making human-like decisions the best possible.

A taxonomy was created for Creval which was able to give significance to data and to transform it into information, indicators of performance that establish an asset for the
company. To this a tracking system has been added which supplies data to a back office system which collects the data and makes it available for a series of interfaces, created for different purposes:

  1. Infographic statistics to value suitability in the past, used by CdA
  2. Live Dashboards, featured on screens hanging in office corridors with the aim of monitoring and intervening in moments of malfunction, in relation to expectations of
  3. Semantic visualization deriving from themes discussed by people, which are able to create new conversations therefore developing Knowledge Sharing and the alignment of subject matters.

Overall the theme of evaluation, the main topic of the session, gained a lot of international public interest; even more did the case treated by us as a meta service, that is to say a service able to evaluate other services and created on user’s needs in order to give value to information, based upon semantics with specific goals.

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