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Co-design: designing with customers and not for customers

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What does co-design mean? That the approach used for all the development stages of an app, a portal, an online service or the like, is always shared with the customer. 

In practice the team of designers in association with the developers does not put forward complete proposals to the request received, rather it involves the customer in the work right from the start. The process begins with a careful analysis not only of the service or product to be created, but also of the context in which the customer operates, the objectives set for their business and all additional information that could enrich the set of initial information. In the subsequent stages, the project is developed considering the pre-analysis performed, continuing to consult and involve the customer.

This work method is useful for any activity and for all sizes of company, as it leads to tailored, higher performance results that are more suited to customers’ requirements. The commitment made at the start saves on time later as it significantly reduces the time taken for reviewing and changing what has been achieved. The customer also acquires new skills and is more aware of the work performed and the relationship of cooperation is reinforced.

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