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The “Innovation Room” by BPER with Antreem is presented in Imola

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For the second year running, Antreem has designed and developed a tool for prototyping the user experience in the digital supply chain, designed and developed with Imola Informatica and the support of the National Research Council of Naples. The Innovation Room is a place for testing the latest technological products that have not yet been used in an enterprise setting. The user paradigms of consolidated technologies are also reviewed there. This means that – with a cross-fertilization approach typical of design thinking – new technologies, intended for other areas and purposes, are exploited to create something new, even within the walls of a bank.

Stories are built around them, that allow customers’ experiences of the bank to be reassessed and redesigned, making them more effective. Through the UX Design processes, a series of services have been developed that use the chosen technologies and interact with them, reaching as far as their prototyping and implementation. To improve the experience of visitors to the room, making them enter a separate world, the actual architecture of the room has been designed and built accordingly. The space is totally redesigned according to the innovative service: interior design, materials and light design work together to form the user experience.

The result? After the UX Day in Rome and other events in the user experience sector, we will also talk about how the Innovation Room was designed and produced, in Imola, during the Imola Programma event.

On Friday 10 March at 16.30 Fabio Falzoni, Manager of the Department of Direct Channel Systems and Mobility at BPER will talk about the project.

PARTICIPATION in Imola Programma is completely FREE and open to all, subject to registration.


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